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“God’s mission on the earth is to redeem and restore fallen people to the likeness of His Son to the praise of His glory.”

In order to advance God’s mission, Freedom That Lasts® is, first of all, an evangelistic ministry, since long-term bondage to sin often indicates a lost condition. No lasting progress can be made in overcoming life-dominating sins without saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Secondly, Freedom That Lasts® is a ministry of sanctification whereby the program staff joins God’s mission to restore redeemed people to the likeness of Jesus Christ.

Church addiction ministries are the evangelistic twenty-first-century equivalent to the "bus ministries" of the 1970’s and 1980’s. They are a way to reach our neighborhoods with the saving power of Jesus Christ. Though bus ministries have reached many young people for Christ, they seldom reached the adults in the family. Addiction ministries offer help to the adult and usually lead to reaching the children as well.

Never before in modern history has this type of ministry been needed more. Almost every family in our communities is touched by addiction. Alcohol and drug abuse play a key role in many divorces, job losses, teen suicides, and family dysfunction. By offering an addiction ministry through the local church, we extend a helping hand to our neighbors.

The prayer of the entire Freedom That Lasts® headquarters is that God will use this ministry to conform many into the image of Jesus Christ, the only Savior.


Freedom That Lasts® is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, local-church-focused discipleship ministry to those enslaved in life-dominating sins or overcome by hurtful events of life.