One-on-One Usage of Curriculum

Freedom That Lasts® is a discipleship curriculum designed to be used by chartered chapters in a church-based, structured weekend addiction program that includes a testimony time, a small group accountability session, a large group teaching session, an award time, and a fellowship and meal time.

However, the curriculum can be effectively used to disciple an individual one-on-one who is struggling with a life-dominating sin or an overwhelming hurt, or who simply wants to grow spiritually.

The one being discipled must have both the Freedom That Lasts® Student Manual and the Freedom That Lasts® Spiritual Life Journal. If he is a new believer or if there is some doubt that he knows Christ as his Savior, his first course of study should be the 16-page book, Welcome to Freedom That Lasts®.

Just as in a weekend program, each weekly session can begin by watching the next Freedom That Lasts® Virtue Video segment together. These ten ten-minute video clips keep the overall pursuit of Peter’s Christlike virtues front and center in the study. The ten video clips should be cycled through repeatedly until the student manual is completed.

Each week the discipler can then sign off on any checkpoints accomplished during the week. That will require listening to the recitation of the scripture verses, looking over the blanks the disciple has filled in to see if he has an understanding of what he is studying, answering any questions he has about the lesson, signing off on service projects and journal activities, and reading his written reports.

Scripture memory is a key component in the program. Holding a high standard for memorization (word-perfect for most people of average educational level) forces him to spend enough time on the verses for them to actually make a difference in his heart.

The remaining time together can be spent helping the one being discipled to apply the truth he is learning to the pertinent struggles in his life and then closing with a prayer time together.

The discipleship effort is enhanced when the discipler is going through the curriculum as well. In that way the disciple and the discipler can make the journey towards Christlikeness together. Each works at his own pace.

 Of course, the large group teaching times, testimonies, fellowship time, and award time will be missing in individual discipleship, but the curriculum can still be used effectively to disciple an individual in the hands of a mature disciple-maker in the absence of a local chartered chapter.