All of us face crises from time to time, but when the hurt is overwhelming or the addiction has been overpowering, we may need additional, up-close discipleship to complete the path to restoration.

The mission of Freedom Home for Women is to restore broken lives for the glory of God through a biblical, residential discipleship program.

Freedom Home for Women is a supervised, residential home for five women (18 years or older).  The home is not a detox center or a medical facility. If detox or other medically-supervised resident treatment is needed, the applicant must complete that elsewhere before being admitted to the home.  We are a discipleship-based transition home and seek to help women find healing and victory as they cultivate a personal relationship to Jesus Christ.

In addition to participating in the Freedom That Lasts® Friday night program at Faith Baptist Church, each resident will meet regularly with a biblical counselor for individual discipleship, will participate in group Bible studies, and will attend the weekly services of Faith Baptist Church.



The mission is accomplished through three restoration phases:


Reconnect Phase: Restore Relationships

Addictions and deep hurts profoundly affect relationships with God and with others. The relationship with God is primary and is the main target of the discipleship efforts in the home. Women are taught who God is, how to have a personal relationship with Him, how to grow to reflect His character through their lives, and how to reconcile relationships with others as needed.

Women coming to Freedom Home for Women must come willingly, must want to make serious biblical change, and must agree to stay six months to finish the Reconnect Phase.

Rebuild Phase: Restore Function (optional)

This phase is entirely optional but is offered to further develop each resident spiritually and in every other area of life.

During the Rebuild Phase (which can last from 1 to 18 months) residents will concentrate on becoming stabilized and productive financially, physically, vocationally, and educationally while continuing to develop their relationship with God and with others. Whether this phase takes place in Freedom Home for Women or in another transition setting is determined by the resident staff and the resident’s needs.

Individual development plans will be worked out with the resident staff in order to achieve her personal goals in these areas of function. Part of the process during this phase is the development of the skills and character necessary to become a responsible, God-pleasing employee in the work force as resident staff members help her to obtain part-time work in the community.

Restart Phase: Restore Productivity

During the Restart Phase she will leave a supervised home setting and will be responsible for paying her own expenses (rent, transportation, food, etc.) in her community of residence. The Greenville resident staff will seek the assistance of the local church of which she is a member to provide housing and job search assistance, mentoring, and further discipleship.



An application can be downloaded here. It must be filled out by the resident herself.

Once the application is received, a resident staff member will contact her for a phone interview.

A Resident Expectation manual can be sent by contacting the Freedom That Lasts™ headquarters. Simply call 864.322.0800, ext. 108 or request it in an email to



Commitment is an important starting point for any lasting change. Biblical transformation begins with a personal, saving relationship with Jesus Christ and is developed by cultivating a commitment to develop and display the character of Jesus Christ in all areas of life.

Freedom Home for Women can provide the path and the encouragement to a God-enabled and God-honoring transformation if a woman is committed to making change God’s way.

The path to restoration is not easy, but residents will not be alone in the process. They will learn that Jesus Christ will always be with them and will empower them to make the positive changes He has in mind for them. In addition, a caring, supportive resident staff and church family will assist her in every way they can with God’s help. Remember this statement from the Lord Jesus about Himself:

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

John 8:36

That is why the motto of Freedom That Lasts® is: Jesus Christ is the only source of freedom that lasts.

If you are struggling with overwhelming hurts and life-dominating sins and addictions, we want to help you find the freedom Jesus promised to those who will listen to Him and will obey His words. If this is the kind of change you would like to see for yourself, we would consider it an honor and a privilege to help you to that end. Contact us right away.

Phone: 864.322.0700, ext. 108




Click on the link above to download the Freedom Home for Women Application.

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