A Freedom That Lasts® ministry requires the help of many church volunteers. The pastor usually appoints a Director for the program because it is seldom wise for the pastor to take on such a demanding role himself. Usually God will provide some layman who has a special burden for those in bondage to life-dominating sins.

Depending upon the size of the ministry and the church, the director may be a volunteer or may be on the paid staff of the church.

The director should then work with the pastor in determining who among the church members is ready for the responsibilities of Care-Group Leaders, Care-Group Helpers, and Chapter Secretary. Once the pastor has given approval for the recruits, the director can begin his recruiting efforts.

Other key workers may need to be recruited once the ministry grows—food chairman, parking lot and building security personnel, transportation coordinator, book table coordinator, and child care workers.

Probably the most common reaction of most laymen in the church—and sometimes their pastors—is fear. They naturally feel that they are not equipped to help people with addictions. They often think, “What do I know about drugs and the ways of the street? I’ve never used drugs, never drunk alcohol, never smoked, never pursued pornography, gambling, cutting, or anorexic behavior, and don’t know anything about the culture and problems of addiction.”

The point of contact, however, is not past experience with drugs or compulsive behaviors, but rather the universal past and present experiences everyone has as a sinner. All sin leads to slavery. Since every believer is tempted, the need for further discipleship into Christlikeness is for everyone.

The discipleship process is simply building a helping relationship with someone so that you can help him or her in the sanctification process once they come to Christ. The beauty of the Freedom That Lasts® program is that it becomes a training base where members of Bible-believing churches can learn how to become effective disciple-makers while at the same time their church is reaching into its community with the saving and sanctifying power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Freedom That Lasts® Leader’s Guide and the training resources available to chartered chapters will help the director and pastor equip the volunteers from the local assembly for this crucial ministry.

Staff selection and training details are spelled out in the Freedom That Lasts® Leader’s Guide.