Virtue Video

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Virtue Video


These ten minute DVD videos are the first thing in the program every week. They cycle through the main principles and character virtues of the program and keep everyone on track. Each of the lessons focus on one of the virtues from 2 Peter 1:5-7. They are designed to be used during Freedom That Lasts® meetings.  

Lesson 1: Welcome to Freedom That Lasts®

Lesson 2: Saving Faith—Trusting the Right Savior

Lesson 3: Your New Character

Lesson 4: Adding Virtue—Choosing the Right Goal

Lesson 5: Adding Knowledge—Knowing What’s Right

Lesson 6: Adding Self-Control—Doing What’s Right

Lesson 7: Adding Endurance—Doing What’s Right No Matter What

Lesson 8: Adding Godliness—Promoting and Defending What’s Right

Lesson 9: Adding Brotherly Kindness—Treating One Another Right

Lesson 10: Adding Love—Following the Right Example

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